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Email Groups

1) Emails with information about Torah Ohr activities  are sent to members via ShulCloud. If you are a member and want to opt out,  or if you are not a member but would like to receive announcements from us, please contact the synagogue office.


If you would like to receive emails from Sisterhood and Men’s Club you must sign yourself up for this email group.

To sign up for torah_ohr e·mail list, send a ·blank email to:·

and then reply to the confirmation email. Please note that there is an underscore( _ ) between torah and ohr and a dash ( - ) between ohr and- subscribe.

***** If you do not receive an email, please check your ‘spam’ and/or ‘junk’ folder. Move it to your inbox and then click on the link for confirmation.*****


3) is a group used by individuals to advertise various items, such as:

a. Items for sale (no prices in the email message)
b. Theater tickets for sale or purchase
c. Items you want to borrow
d. Ride shares
e. Simcha announcements
f. Other subjects of interest

To request to receive messages from tocvwest, send a blank email to then reply to the confirmation email.

To post a message to tocvwest,

a. Sign up for if you have not already done so.

b. Send To:
c. On the Subject line, type a brief description of what the message is about.
d. In the message area, type your message as briefly as possible. Be sure to include your name and telephone number where you can be reached.


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