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Recordings of past classes can be found by instructor.
Click on the instructor’s name to go to his or her page.

Rabbi Benjamin Yasgur

Marty Levine

Dr. Jack Prince

Rabbi Kenneth Greene

Rabbis on Rotation

Lunch and Learn

Dr. Ron Brauner

Rabbi Gerald Teller

Evening Beit Midrash

Other Lectures:

3/1/18 Sisterhood Purim Banquet





Women In Tanach week 1

w/Mrs. Shoshana Hagler





Women In Tanach week 2

w/Mrs. Shoshana Hagler




Women In Tanach week 3

w/Mrs. Shoshana Hagler


07/25/2018 Women In Tanach week 4 w/Mrs. Shoshana Hagler




Summer Kollel 

w/R'David Shabtai



07/09/2018 Summer Kollel w/R' Simcha Shabtai



07/22/2018 Tisha B'Av "Many Shuls, One Community" Ending Galus: Here is What We Can Do w/R'Rabovsky




Fri, September 21 2018 12 Tishrei 5779