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Special Lectures

Rabbi Yonosan Sacks

"Ahavat Hashem VeYirato: Love and Fear of Hashem"


Winter Learning Program 1/8 & 1/9/19

Rabbi Mordechai Willig "Kedushaut Beit HaKnesset: The Sanctity of our Sanctuary


Rabbi Mordechai Willig "The Mitzvah of Keriyat Shema"


Noah Shapiro "Tu B'Shevat: Ripening of the Soul"


Menachum Polack "Telephones and Tefilah: Choosing the Right Service Provider"




1/6/2019 Rabbi Steven Weil - Scholar in Residence "The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Its Drastic Ramifications on the Jewish and Global Community"


07/22/2018 Tisha B'Av "Many Shuls, One Community" Ending Galus: Here is What We Can Do w/R'Rabovsky


Sat, January 19 2019 13 Shevat 5779