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Professor Harold Rhode

"How Muslims Understand The World: Why Understanding This Mindset is Essential for Israel and Those Who Care About Israel's Future"










Into The Depths of The Muslim Mindset

Source Sheets


2/7/2022 - "Understanding the Iranian Mentality"

Iranian Behavior

Modern Islamic Warfare



2/14/2022 - "How We Rescued the Baghdadi Jewish Archives from the Basement of Saddam Hussein’s Intelligence Headquarters"

Power Point Presentation


2/21/2022 - "Using DNA to Trace the Routes our Ancestors Took Before they Settled in the Places they Lived Before they Came to the US"

Litvak - 2000 years ago

Y-DNA helps trace our roots



2/28/2022 - "Insights into the Meaning of Words in the Tanakh"

The Hebrew-Semitic Root LHM - Bread, Meat, Fish,or Cow - Or maybe just FOOD

Using Arabic and Aramaic to Gain Insights in the Hebrew meanings in the Tanakh


Insights - איש - אשה



How to Understand why Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan & Morocco signed peace Agreements with Israel: Two reasons: Shared Common Defense and Economic Interests, and why, as long as Israel projects strength and remains resolute, we can expect other Muslim countries to sign on as well.



On the eve of Purim:
Iran's historic relationship with the Jews & other non-Muslims.  And a visit to the tombs of Esther  & Mordechai in Western Iran.


Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783