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Men's Club

 We hope all male members of Torah Ohr will become members of our Men's Club. This auxilliary has become a strong partner--  sponsoring the Non-FIction Book Club Lecture Series, Simchat Torah Kiddush, Tikkun Leil Shavuot, an annual bus trip, baseball games, bowling outings, and other activities. Annual Dues are $25.

Available Now: Call David Dolny to pick  up gift cards for Glicks, Century Grill, The  Grove and Aroma




The Samuel Colman Memorial Book Review Series

Ed Goldberg & Stanley Kaplan Debate: "Is the New York Times Antisemitic?"  
Len Getz "Innocent Spouse"


Gerald Felsenthal "Four Threats to Democracy"


Rabbi Yigal Kornblum "Lioness- Golda Meir and the Nation of Israel"


Irwin Cohen "Jewish History in the Time of Baseball's Jews"


Yigal Kornblum "The War of Return" by Adi Schwartz and Einat Wilf


Stanley Kaplan "Rolling Rabbi" by Shaindel Simes


Mira Sennett - Titles "The Journey to the End of the Millenia" by A.B. Yehoshua and "The Bridal Canopy (Hakhnasat Kallah)" by S.Y. Agnon - Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions in the face of the loss we experienced post WWII


Marty Levine "The Gold of Exodus" by Howard Blum


Avi Frydman - "Spies for No Country" by Martin Friedman


Gerald Felsenthal - "The Trials of Harry S. Truman: The Extraordinary Presidency of an Ordinary Man" by Jeffrey Frank


Rabbi Moshe Kranzler - "The Choice: Embrace The Possible"


Marty Levine - "The Great Kosher Meat Wars"


Hershel Sennett - "A Walker in the City"


Avi Frydman - "The Rabbi of Buchenwald"


Dr. Gerald Felsenthal - "Hitler's American Friends"


Lecture by Dr. Charles Selengut: “Is There A Future For Jews In America? A Pessimistic View.”


Mira Sennett -"Cynthia Ozick's Long Crusade"


Dr. Gary Newman - Lecture: "Antisemitism, It's Not What You Think"


Karen Green - A review of "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend" by Sanford Greenberg - 11/8/2021



Helen Garfinkel - A review of "A Tap on The Shoulder" - 10/25/2021

Marty Levine - A review of Extracted by Perry Brickman, DDS - 2/8/2021


Mira Sennett - A review of the works of Cynthia Ozick - 1/26/2021


Mel Schiff - In Search of Polin by Gary Schiff - 1/18/2021

Avi Frydman - The Jews Should Keep Quiet by Rafael Medoff - 1/4/2021


Helen Garfinkel - Saving Israel by Boaz Dvir - 12/21/2020

Herschell Sennett - Citizens of London by Lynn Olsen - 12/7/2020


Sarah Lazarus - The 5 Skinny Habits - 11/23/2020


Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784