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Minyan Enrollment Shabbat - Phase IV

Shabbat Only Indoor/Outdoor Davening Information & Enrollment
Weekday: Shacharit, Mincha and Maariv

Anyone not yet comfortable returning to Shul should feel NO pressure to do so.

Indoor minyanim are limited to 58 Male and 11 Female registered members. (9:15am Shacharit at this time has 2 women's sections open - all other times only have the back women's section reserved for women)  Non-members must get clearance from the Rabbi, President, or Vice President. 

Occasionally, a guard or shomer at the door may check the list of registrants and may take your temperature. Please cooperate. If you arrive late and are asked to leave, please be respectful. 

Enrollment is mandatory.  Everyone MUST be registered for each minyan they plan to attend in order to ensure there are enough men to complete each minyan.

The following rules are COVID-19 related and are validated by Medical authorities:

  • You must wear a mask over your nose and mouth, at all times,  for the health protection of other members.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before davening and leave immediately. No lingering indoors or outdoors.
  • The Shul building remains closed, except for quick access to the lockers or toilet.  If hydration is your concern, bring a water bottle or thermos
  • Use only the designated chairs marked with colored tape.
  • Shacharit begins with Nishmat.
  • Davening is silent, with no socializing or talking in Shul.
  • Anyone with a yahrzeit can arrange a Kel Malai in advance by emailing Abe Levy at 917-855-6730 or Jay Goldberg at 516-805-7327 or by calling the office at 561-479-4049.
  • Anyone planning to attend just one day for a yahrzeit should call the office.
  • Again, enrollment is mandatory. If already enrolled, you do not need to fill the form again.

 If you have questions or need help with the form, contact Andrea at or 561-479-4049
Congregation Torah Ohr doesn’t just count you, our members count on you!

Please note that preference will be given to those that are saying Kaddish, and are a Chiyuv to attend Minyan
Under the current circumstances, you are not eligible to attend an in-person minyan at Congregation Torah Ohr. Thank you for your interest. If you have further questions, please contact Jonas Waizer at
If the Minyan you want is full either select a different time or select the waitlist. If you select the waitlist you are NOT YET registered for that service. Please do not come until we call you and let you know you are off the waitlist.
Mon, November 30 2020 14 Kislev 5781