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L'iluy Nishmas Yitzchok Ben Hachaver Moshe and Shmuel Ben Yaakov

 In memory of Jeffrey Adler and Sam Colman

Ainslie Ted and Sheryle Spar 1017 Ainslie B 561-487-6297 home phone  
  Jonas and Clara Waizer 3045 Ainslie C 732-845-7160 woman's cell  
Suffolk David and Mirel Posy 11 Suffolk A 516-581-3671 woman's cell in season
  Abe and Esther Schwartz 56 Suffolk B 248-996-4760 woman's cell in season
Wolverton Pacy and Bayla Ackerman 1001 Wolverton A 845-461-5405 woman's cell  
  Chaim and Phyllis Reiss 2001 Wolverton A 347-218-3152 woman's cell  
  Jerrold and Rachelle Ebner 3025 Wolverton B 561-218-8733 home phone  
  David and Andrea Dolny 2095 Wolverton E 818-414-3880 woman's cell  
  Abe and Reba Neufeld 2082 Wolverton E 917-304-5780 woman's cell in season
  Elliot and Donna Katz 4057 Wolverton C 412-445-6695 woman's cell  
Yarmouth Marty and Sandra Levine 4080 Yarmouth D 561-470=0042 home phone  
Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784